After we finished a little inventory of style directions and existing guidelines, we kick-off the development of the UX designs (user experience). In these designs, we visually record which functionalities we are going to design. Looking closely at how users will interact with the application or website, we decide which elements need to be in the visualization of your digital product. The goal is to create an optimal user experience.

After designing the skeleton of your solution, we’re going to make it visually pleasing to look at. The UI (user interface) is the actual design we’re going to convert into a working application or website. During the UI phase, it becomes clear how we deal with the content of the website. Together we’ll discuss if and how we’ll implement photography and video, but also what messages we want to tell with the copy. Marketers, copywriters, and visual designers align their vision during this phase to translate the objectives into an effective design.

Hold on! We don’t just stop after delivering a design. After finishing it, we create a prototype that allows us to test the new product in an early stage. With the help of the feedback, we optimize the designs for the first time, even before the website is developed and live.